No one cares about your programming language.

Well. No one should care. If you are writing something in Ruby and, out of the blue, someone tells you to rewrite it in Python, you can safely discount their opinion.

It just doesn’t matter.

If you like CoffeeScript, then who cares that others don’t? Knock yourself out.

Think Java is the bee’s knees? Go ahead, boss.

I am pretty sure that no language is perfect for every situation. All languages were designed with certain pre-conceived notions of the world, how to interact with it, and what is important (or not). Every language has implicit trade-offs.

I mean, yeah, sometimes it actually matters.

If you are Twitter it might matter.

But, you aren’t Twitter (unless you actually do work at Twitter, in which case, why are you reading this?!).

If you want pull requests, then maybe you should reconsider writing your website in brainfuck.

If you are doing high-frequency trading, maybe you shouldn’t write in Ruby.

But, if you are a website that just “does some stuff”? Who cares. Solve the pain-point. Fix the problem. Make the world better.

Try a new language every third side-project or so and you will soon find a language that fits your brain. Write in whatever language has the best ecosystem. Write in the language that allows you to churn out code quicker. Whatever allows you to resolve your issue in the least amount of time.

Being wed to a programming language is like only driving Fords. Why artificially limit yourself? You already know how to drive, so try something else out. Try a stick shift. It will blow your mind. It will provide context for the automatic.

The world is full of those with opinions they mistake for facts. People with no context of the actual problem, but lots of solutions. Your choice of programming language is probably not the issue. They are the new religion of the technical theocracy.